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Vitamin d deficiency treatment

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What is vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D helps in increasing the absorption capacity of calcium in our body and also makes the bones strong. Various diseases start to attack when there is vitamin d deficiency in the body. Without proper intake of Vitamin D, the bones become more soft and brittle due to which the person has osteoporosis problems. 

Vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin d deficiency 

Vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets in children, causing bone breakdown and fracture. Apart from this, a person is diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and in some cases cancers on vitamin D deficiency. The most important thing in Vitamin D is that it also works to activate other vitamins. Also activates salts as well.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Sweating from the head
  • Pain in the bone or joints
  • Muscular pain
  • Mood swings

Food for vitamin d deficiency treatment

Vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin d deficiency 


Carrot is also a good source to cure Vitamin D deficiency. Drinking carrots or juice of carrots helps in reducing blood loss in the body. Carrot also cures lack of blood as it contains vitamin A and vitamin B. Therefore, everyday carrots should be consumed. You can eat it raw or drink it out of its juice.

Vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin d deficiency

Orange juice

In the morning, after starting the day by drinking a glass of orange juice, the person remains more active in the work and his body becomes full of Vitamin D. Nowadays, canned juice is easily found in markets. But if you try to drink fresh and naturally present orange juice, then you will get plenty of Vitamin D and there will be no shortage of vitamin D in your body.

Vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin d deficiency 


In the Papaya, the amount of vitamin C is higher in comparison to the rest of the fruit, and its glycemic index is also less. Therefore, people who are suffering from diabetes or those who want to lose weight should take it daily. The amount of fiber and water present in it helps in improving your digestive system.

Vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin d deficiency


Vitamin D is formed by our body in the sun. In the summer, spending a good amount of vitamin D is available in the sunlight. Vitamin D's body builds on these main things - the time of day, the clouds, the color of your skin and the amount of body part it is in contact with the sun's rays. A person makes excess sunshine in the swimming suit.

Vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin d deficiency 


Eggs, however, are considered to be the main sources of protein, but they contain a very high amount of vitamins and minerals. Both egg white and yellow part are very beneficial for health. That's why Jim Trainer always advises people who go to the gym to eat boiled eggs. Regular consumption of it also makes your metabolism rate better. So eat eggs at breakfast daily.
Vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin d deficiency 


Du is a great source of calcium, which strengthens bones. In fact, only one cup of milk is filled with one-third of the calcium requirement of the day. Milk is fortified to vitamin D so that the body can absorb calcium and some extra vitamin A in milk.

Vitamin d deficiency
Vitamin d deficiency 


Vitamin C is found in very high quantities in this citrus fruits and drinking lemon juice in water gives a lot of benefit to the body. The antioxidants present in it keep you away from many diseases and keep your digestive system working. Lemon is a vital role in weight loss, so take daily lemonade or eat it in the salad and consume it.

Some home remedies for vitamin d deficiency

To increase the level of Vitamin D in the body, keep the sunscreen in front of the sun for 15 to 30 minutes in the summer, in the summer season, without standing sunscreen.
If you live in a region of low sunlight then eat vitamin D3 supplement.
If women over 40 years of age suffer from Vitamin D deficiency, they are more likely to have osteoporosis. In deficient conditions, they should take vitamin D supplements.

What to Avoid in vitamin d deficiency

Reduce the use of fried fatty foods, salt, sugars, and other sugar-derived products and dietary saturated fats.

Limit the use of caffeine. Caffeine causes obstruction in vitamin D absorption.

Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid natural thyroid treatment

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Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid natural thyroid treatment

Thyroid is a common problem, Thoracic Harmon's work from thyroid gland in the throat is to control the metabolism of the body. ayurvedic treatment for thyroid works better than medicine in thyroid. When for some reason the hormone starts releasing more or less than the prescribed amount, this causes thyroid problems.
hormones produced from thyroid gland

Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid
Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid 

Thyroid Gland work to control all metabolic processes occurring in our body. Because of the hormone emitting from this, our bodies (ayurvedic treatment for thyroid)are defined in many ways the lower or higher amount of this hormone influences our body in different ways and the gland that controls the thyroid gland is pituitary which is located in our brains.

Problems with thyroid may range from small disease like cancer. But the most common thyroid problem is that the true amount of thyroid hormones is not produced. But the best part you can cure ayurvedic treatment for thyroid at home.

Cause of thyroid

1. Medicine side-effect

2. Too much stress

3. Less intake of iodine

4. Genetic reason if some in your family have thyroid

5. Increase size of thyroid gland

6. In Pregnancy due to hormone imbala

Symptoms of thyroid

Thyroid problem occurs when thyroid form of the body decreases. Because of this, the level of other hormones in the human body also decreases. if you find these symptoms you should follow ayurvedic treatment for thyroid.

1. Weight loss

2. Trouble in sleep

3. Heavy noise

4. Fatigue

5. Pain in the head, neck and joint

6. Weight gain

7. Muscle weakness

8. swelling

9. Swelling on eyes and face

Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid
Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid

Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid natural thyroid treatment

Tulsi and Aloe Vera

It is also the best solution to get rid of this disease by mixing half teaspoon of aloe vera juice in two teaspoons of basil juice.

Green Coriander

To make thyroid treatment of thyroid, grind green coriander and make chutney and drink one teaspoon chutney in a glass of water. Whenever this remedy is done, make fresh chutney and eat it. Take coriander which has good aroma.

Gourd juice

Drinking juice of gourd gourd daily in the morning helps to eliminate thyroid. Do not eat anything for half an hour after drinking juice.

Turmeric milk

To control thyroid, add turmeric to your milk daily and make it cooked. If turmeric milk is not drunk, fry turmeric and eat it

Red Onion

Cut the onion into two pieces and massage it around the thyroid gland before sleeping at night. After this, do not wash the onion juice from the neck.

Fruits and vegetables

Thyroid patients should use fruits and vegetables more. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants. Which never increases thyroid. Eat vegetables in tomato, green chillies etc. This helps to relieve thyroid problems.

Yogurt and milk intake

People who have thyroid problem should do more and more intake of curd and milk. Calcium, Minerals and Vitamins present in milk and yogurt help to treat patients with thyroid.


It is beneficial to chew the juice of thyroid patient / thyroid patient with chewing tobacco. With thyroid intake, thyroid gland helps prevent pain from inflammation and thyroid.

Iodine and rich vitamins, minerals

Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, cucumber, tomato, cucumber, old rice, popcorn, bread, oats, saltwater fish in salad, able to reduce thyroid by eating mushrooms. Pure iodine saffron-black salt is more beneficial than plain salt.
Home remedies for diabetes -10 foods to control diabetes.Home Remedies For Constipation - 10 Things For Constipation

above are some best ayurvedic treatment for thyroid

What not to eat in thyroid

1. Soybean and Soya Products

2. Red meat

3. Packaged foods

4. Products with more cream such as cakes

5. Pastries,

6. Sweet potatoes

7. Pears

8. Strawberries

9. Peanuts


11.Leaf cabbage



Caffeine does not directly raise thyroid, but it increases the problems that arise due to thyroid, such as discomfort and discomfort in sleep. So if you stay away from coffee then it is okay.


Alcohol, which means alcohol, beer etc. affect the energy level in the body. This increases the complication of difficulty in the sleepiness of people with thyroid. Apart from this, the risk of osteoporosis also increases. Alcohol is not good for anyone Due to this, obesity also increases.

Vegetable Ghee

In India, we usually call it Dalda Ghee. This ghee is actually made by converting vegetable oil into hydrogen. This ghee is used in food shops. This leads to better cholesterol and worse. The problems that arise from the increased thyroid, it increases them.

Red meat

Cholesterol and saturated fat is very high in red meat. This increases the weight faster. The weight of the thyroid rider runs towards the same way. In addition to eating red meat, thyroid patients begin complaining about burning sensation. You can pick up chicken, chicken chests contain good protein and increase fat

Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid
Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid


if you do follow ayurvedic treatment for thyroid it will help you to get rid of thyroid.

Kapal Bhati, Ujjayi Swash also help to keep the symptoms of hypothyroid under control.

Limit the amount of food consumed with non-vegetarian food, milk and milk products (fat-free milk is recommended), rice, spicy foods, refined, fast food.

To avoid Consume more amounts of vitamins, proteins and fiber-rich foods.

In addition to weight loss in thyroid, you need to make some

Changes in your eating habits to give proper nutrition to the body. Along with regular exercise, if you increase the quantity of salad and boiled vegetables in your diet by slightly reducing the amount of food, your weight will be reduced drastically despite thyroid. other than this use salt in a balanced way

Do not sleep on the bed before sleeping and think about sleep. This will not bring you sleep, but your stress will increase. If you are not sleeping then you try to read something. Do not go to sleep again until you get to sleep. Unless you are completely exhausted, do not go to sleep because if you lie down and you do not sleep then in such a situation you will become upset.
ayurvedic treatment for thyroid

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Rheumatoid arthritis treatment - joint pain treatment

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Home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis 

Pain in joints can be due to several reasons such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis or stress, an injury that affects ligament around joints. Its severity depends on its type. The doctor advises proper medicines by checking it out. But you can get rid of arthritis by just being physically active and adopting some simple home remedies.

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment
Rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Today, most people, especially ladies, have more complaints about joint pain. So this problem is due to lack of lubrication and calcium in the joints after one age. But nowadays due to poor lifestyle, seat job, and improper diet, this problem is also troubling women of low age. Rheumatoid arthritis treatment can be done at home when Rheumatoid arthritis becomes more painful, the lifestyle becomes disorganized. Even women cannot do their daily work properly.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs in any part of the body, but in particular, it affects knees, shoulders, and hips. Pain and swelling in the joints can give you severe pain in general and cause swelling and cholera in your joints. There are also domestic and natural remedies for joint pain which you will know through this article.

Doctors traditionally treat Rheumatoid arthritis treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers. Although some medicines cause side effects, due to which natural remedies are becoming more popular for the treatment of pain in joints. Remember to consult your doctor before trying these natural remedies to get relief from pain and swelling.

Symptoms of Rheumatoid arthritis

  1. Swelling and pain in joints
  2. Joints to be red
  3. Feeling strained in joints
  4. Hardness of the joints
  5. Joints having weakness
  6. Trouble turning the joints
  7. Joints in the joints

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment


Ginger is a great way to relieve the pain of Rheumatoid arthritis. Those who have arthritis problems should take ginger twice daily in the day.

Make regular use of turmeric in your diet. Take one teaspoon turmeric in a glass of milk before bedtime and take it. You can drink turmeric juice too.

Regular consumption of turmeric reduces to inflammation and swelling. It contains a compound known as curcumin, which contains anti-inflammatory properties. It is more beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis.

Bath with hot water

Take a bath with hot water at the time of joints in which there is a pain so that the joints will get cured and pain will be removed. Apart from this hot water bottle can also be dried.

Fish oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which help in reducing inflammation and pain in the body. and can be Rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Take one to two teaspoons of fish oil every day.
Eating stomach fish oil supplements every morning is less in the morning.

You can also eat other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids besides fish oil like zinc linseed seed.


Massage provides relief in body pain, this process also applies to joints pain. Massage the affected area with coconut, olive, mustard or garlic oil. Pushing the painful part by pressing with light hands. Doing so will relieve the pain.

Things to keep in mind Rheumatoid arthritis treatment 

Many people use balm from the market when they have pain in joints but it can prove to be harmful. Applying it brings relief to pain, but it gradually damages the body. Also, do not bathe with a hot bottle on the body after applying balm and it increases irritation.

Is HAIR Worth [$] To You?12 Foods for healthy hair

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Perfect hair means good personality everyone wants good and shining hair in this article I will tell you the best foods for healthy hair. In some recent studies, it has been found that our hair falls due to some common causes like – not eating properly, lack of vitamins, excessive stress, and anxiety, long-lasting disease Like - typhoid, anemia, dysentery, and jaundice etc. or the body does not have proper neutrinos. Once you know the cause of your problem, it can be easily corrected. Natural products or natural therapies prove to be effective only.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair
If you want long hair, then we tell you how you can find the hair you want. You do not need to take any cosmetic or chemical treatment for this. For this, you should be right and Healthy Diet. Yes, whatever you eat, the food directly affects your hair growth. These 10 Super Foods will help strengthen your hair and help them grow faster.

Even if the chemical product is small and look good, but they are very bad for growth of the hair! Whether you eat healthy in your it will do magic on your hair. Increase fiber and omega-3 for hair growth. So now please include it quickly, do not use too much in your diet; the use of these is less and the loss is greater.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -  Pules     

Do you know why Dal has come in this list? Because it is full of iron, protein and fiber. These nutrients increase the growth of hair and keep them always beautiful. If you are always in a hurry, then soaked gram dal (add salt and lemon to taste) is the perfect breakfast for you!

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Curry leaf

Curry leaves are used to make food. But it is also very beneficial for hair. It contains vitamin B-1, B-2, B-3, B-9 and C. It is rich in beta carotene, in addition to it contains iron, calcium and phosphorus, hair is black and They become shiny. Those whose hair has become white before time can save the hair of your children from being white with the use of curry leaves. Peel the 10-15 almonds soaked and grind them with 10-15 curry leaves water. This pays Massage the hair on the roots of hair. After that wash your head using a good shampoo, after doing this for a week, you will start seeing the difference.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Avocado

This is one of the mysteries of the oldest beauty of Indian women. It contains phoenenoids which is the quantity of collagen and elastin, which helps to make our hair shine and soft. It is not only helpful in keeping hair healthy, but it also clears the dead skin that is present in the hair roots.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Milk

We have come to hear from the childhood how powerful it is in milk. It can be found in strong and shiny hair by mixing it with some special ingredients. The hair, which can be found out of lifeless and inhaled hair, is made of hair proteins and Milk contains a large amount of protein. Therefore, milk should be used daily. If you are a vegetarian then make sure to use milk. It contains vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and so on. Nervals are found. Folate, B6 and biotin which are needed for hair growth. Milk also contains calcium, iron, zinc, which make the hair strong from the inside. People who are conscious of their weight They should use low fat milk. Milk can also be used on hair. Milk can be used as a hair mask by mixing honey and fenugreek powder.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Sunflower seeds

Vitamin E is found in sunflower seeds, which increase the flow of blood and by this our hair is long and silky. Elements of natural oil are found in sunflower seeds which benefit our bodies and hair differently. Of course you will also start using it by learning the properties of sunflower oil.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Spinach

Properties of Vitamin A and C are found more in green leafy vegetables. Because of which it keeps nourishment with our body as well as our hair. Our hair gets green with green leafy vegetables, so if you add green vegetables daily to your diet, then you do not have to use any kind of shampoo.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Sweet potato

Sweet potato, also known as sweet potato. Sweet potato provides nourishment to hair. By consuming it, curly hair becomes silky. This vegetable is full of carbohydrates, which gives nourishment to hair roots.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Almond

All of you must know that almonds are very hot. But consuming almonds keeps our hair developing and shining. Almonds make our hair fat and silky.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Olive oil

Olive oil contains a lot of iron in addition to vitamins A, B, C, D and E. It contains sufficient amounts of antioxidants. It has many properties that help in the increase of hair, flexibility and softness. It is an excellent source of oleic acid and omega-9 fatty acids. It is used in hot oil treatment or hair mask. It removes stiffness, confusion and stiffness of the hair. It helps to soften the hair. Olive oil hair treatment reduces the damage and stress caused by the use of chemical in the hair. By applying a little olive oil to the egg yolk, strength is also shiny with strong strength.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -curd

Protein and vitamin B5 are found in curd, which eliminates the hair present in the hair. Not only this, but the use of hair is also very good with its intake. There is a kind of acid found in that which is considered very good for our hair.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -egg

You will be surprised to know how beneficial the egg is for your hair! Its yolk is rich in protein, zinc, vitamin-B and iron. These nutrients are very important for keeping your hair and body healthy. So eat it and eat it for the best results.

Foods for healthy hair
Foods for healthy hair

Foods for healthy hair -Honey

If you read about home remedies, honey is used for the treatment of many diseases and weight control. In Ayurveda, honey is considered very useful. Iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, vitamin B and c, Enzymes and amino acids are also found which help in enhancing beauty tips in Hindi. It works as a moisturizer for hair and skin. There is also a misconception about the person that using hair in it causes hair to become white. This thing is absolutely wrong honey makes the hair soft, shiny and healthy.

How to quit smoking Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

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How to quit smoking Easy Ways to Quit Smoking
How to quit smoking Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Results of smoking

First of all, I will talk about why you should stop smoking? The poisonous substance present in the nicotine with consistent use of tobacco increases the chance of diseases such as mouth, throat, respiratory and lung cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, acidity, insomnia etc. One of the main reasons for the growing mouth and lung cancer in our country is smoking and Tambanku. Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Why do people start smoking? 

Today we will talk about foods which help to quit smoking easily. Young people start smoking as hobbies and start drinking. For fun, then again it. When this fun becomes the addictive addiction they don't even realize. Many of them start drinking after being inspired by others, and many people have such a misconception that smoking gives relief from tension.
How to quit smoking Easy Ways to Quit Smoking
How to quit smoking Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

In the name of fashion, this smoke is slowly becoming poisoned in people's body. This has been proved in a research too, that Indians are at the forefront of smoking. A person smokes about 8 to 10cigarettes throughout the day, which is very dangerous according to the doctors.

How to quit smoking Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

The most important thing to leave a cigarette is to decide that you want to quit cigarettes. This is the first step for you to be the most challenging. Once you have decided that you want to get out of it, then after that, the road ahead will be easier for you. Be practical and understand that this habit will not go smoothly. Keep yourself ready for it and gradually move towards success.

If you have decided to leave Samokan forever, we will not be lagging behind with your help. We are going to tell you some easy home remedies that can help you to stop smoking.

Ayurvedic Foods helps Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Grape seed extract

It is of alkaline nature, which reduces acidity in the blood and protects the lungs and the body from the damage caused by smoking.


Ashwagandha comes with body detox, it also helps in reducing stress and reducing various forms of tobacco addiction. Mixing powder prepared from the roots of Ashwagandha with water and drinking it for several consecutive days will cure smoking addiction.


Cinnamon helps to get rid of tobacco addiction. Whenever you have a craving for smoking or tobacco or related things, then you take a piece of cinnamon and keep sucking for a while. This will help you to quit smoking. World No Tobacco Day 2018: Secondhand Smoking May Be Infertility And Cancer

Drink copper water

Drinking water kept in copper containers helps in the removal of toxic accumulation in the body and with the duration of time, the desire to smoke or tobacco is also reduced.


Honey contains vitamins, enzymes, and proteins that will help to relieve smoking habit with ease. Always use pure honey because it will get a good result.

Basil leaves

Chewing betel leaves reduces the craving for smoking or use of tobacco, take 2-3 basil leaves every morning and evening and chew them. By doing so, the smoking addiction is waived.


When you have a craving for smoking, take some seeds of oysters and chew them. This can be difficult at first, but chewing regularly will help to overcome the addiction to smoking.


Triphala cleans toxic elements and also reduces the craving for toxic smoking and tobacco use. Each night with one tablespoon of Triphala water, the body gets relief from sleep and the mind remains calm.

Steroid cream side effects on face - steroid cream

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Steroid cream side effects on face
Steroid cream side effects on face

Poor quality creams are bringing in allergic and skin diseases in addition to damaging their skin. Bad quality cream contains heavy metal such as bleach, harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone, steroids and mercury. These heavy metals damage the skin due to prolonged use and make it cloudy.

These creams increases skin cancer risk also. Allergy, infection and other skin problems are common. Bleaching elements are used in this type of cream. Hydroquinone is a toxic and very fast chemical, which is also used in photo processing, rubber formation and hair dye.

Both of these elements initially interfere with the process of becoming melanin and give the skin light color. The brown pigments do not appear due to not being melanin. Bleaching agents present in the whitening cream remove the upper layer of the skin, resulting in a new layer of low melanin pigment emerging.

Typically, the skin changes its color in 25 to 28 days, but the new layer comes up soon after exposure to the bleaching agent. The long-term use of them makes the skin sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Melanin pigments protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

You may be happy to think that the manufacture of wholesome cream and other bleach are making you fair. The skin looks soft and wrinkles free. But keep in mind that their end result can be harmful. This thing is not limited to the skin's skin color, spots and scars on the skin. Some chemicals used in them may also be harmful for kidney, lungs and heart.

There is no doubt that steroids have good results in creams and other serious skin problems. Usually its side effects are also associated with its misuse. People often use them without medical advice. Some people immediately buy white products containing corticosteroid to get the over the counter themselves to get the brown color and remove facial scars. Some sharp steroid elements include clobetasol, betamethasone, halobetasol, etc. In light steroids, hydrocortisone, flutecases, desonide are included.

Steroid cream side effects on face

Slimming of skin: With excessive use the skin becomes accustomed to steroids. Keeping used for long period of time, the skin becomes thin, the stains are spotted and the wrinkles are filled with stretch marks.


Acne is believed to be used in the use of steroid cream, while it is not. Acne develops rapidly due to prolonged use.

Appearing blood cells

With excessive use of steroids on the skin, the skin becomes sensitive and thin, causing blood cells to appear. Disease resistance of the skin is also less, which increases the risk of skin infection.

Hair length

The use of steroids for long periods of hair increases rapidly. 

According to Doctors do not use steroid cream without the doctor's advice. These creams are readily available at drug stores. Second, the steroid cream gives favorable results only when applied in a certain amount. It should be used for as long as it is told. If the doctor has written once, then do not use it even further than himself.

They say that it is important to understand that using chemicals can make your skin just polished. The skin needs to be healthy internally for real beauty and glow. This is possible only when you consume all the nutrients you need for the skin.

What to do

1. Use daily moisturizer. Wash hands and feet before sleeping in the night and apply Moisturizer.

2. Wash the skin with clean water at least three times a day.

3. Use sunscreen lotion to prevent sun's ultraviolet rays. Irritation and tanning will not occur. Use clothes and umbrellas when coming out in a strong sunshine.

4. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday.

5. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Among these, antioxidants are abundant. Eat more of Vitamin A ingredients.

6. Increase the intake of vitamin C in the food. Vitamin C reduces the damage caused by the sun's rays by producing collagen and elastin in the skin and the skin becomes healthy and bright.

7. Accept the color of your skin effortlessly.

8. Avoid regular bleach. Excess of ammonia and hydrochloric acid harm the skin.

10 Symptoms Of Depression - how to deal with depression

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Symptoms Of Depression
Symptoms Of Depression

Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is an important emotion in our life, which is a biological function by our body for many problems in our daily life, which we call stress which is commonly found in everyone but for a short time If we join our habit for any length of time, it can be fatal for us. We only share this information with you today. After all, what is the symptoms of depression and why it happens and how can it be overcome.

1. General signs of depression

Though it is not always right to think that signs and symptoms of depression may appear in a timely manner because it often happens that there is no clear indication of it. It may be a long time, so we have to carefully note the changes in our behavior, though there are some common indications that we can Understanding getting suffocated inside can be as if there is a lack of sleep, more worry than our need for any upcoming problem, imagine a horrible illness when sick and feel unable to feel like a guilt, because of which There is a desire to harm ourselves or to end life, etc. Some of the symptoms of depression are that we can understand that we have become victims of depression.

2. Excessive headaches 

Our anxiety over the need for something worse affects our brain and this is why we start having headaches when we think about any problem that all the doors are closed and no solution is found. Often, we are victims of it, which suffers from dense sadness.

3. Imbalances in the digestive tract 

Knowledgeable and elderly believe that all our diseases start with our stomach and when we are not mentally healthy then its effect also affects our digestive function, so we have seen that for a long time People who undergo depression often lose their health and this is also a symptom of depression.

4. Feeling uneasy in meeting people 

It happens when a person is in a deep worry, then he wants to break himself from the external world and becomes very introvert to the world, and the things happening around the world Whether it is good advice or any bad event starts to lose interest in it and it remains in itself and it is also a symptom of depression.

5. Increased use of the Internet 

The Internet has become a very important part of our lifestyle without which we feel less comfortable in life and people with stress use social sites to overcome their loneliness and gradually they Habits become addicted and they start giving them a lot of time. In this way, the person is given a higher priority than the real life, due to which he has to face many problems. This is also the main symptom of depression.

6. Changes in Sleep Habit 

A person suffering from Depression finds many changes in sleep habits or does not get enough sleep or he takes more sleep to overcome his anxiety and both conditions Dangerous.

7. To be highly sensitive 

Depression starts to oddly react to small things and it starts crying or shouting because of small causes, it is also a symptom of depression.

8. Erections from the world 

In a depression, a person is not able to relate himself completely to the world, and he becomes totally indifferent to some things as if he does not mean anything.

9. Changes in Habits  

In Depression, the person starts behaving in the essence of his own hand, he does not shave for many weeks and does not mean any more than wearing his clothes and living.

10. Lack of  sex desire

Apart from this, lack of desire for sex, fatigue and unhappy mind is mine, state of mind, some of the symptoms of depression on which to be alerted. There is some problem in everybody's life and some tension is also a part of everyone's life, but for a long time, this is not good for your health and how to reduce stress. Can do it.

How to deal with depression click here

9 Anxiety Relief Techniques | Anxiety Relief Techniques At Work

Epilepsy treatment - how to cure epilepsy

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What is Epilepsy, Reson, Symptoms, and Treatment?

However, the disease was detected thousands of years ago, but due to the misconceptions in the minds of people about this disease, people think it is very rare to talk about treatment. In rural areas, people consider this disease as a ghost of the ghost and they are taken to chanting for the right treatment. To this extent, people consider epilepsy as mad. Women who have epilepsy are hard to get married because people believe that epilepsy cannot be a child or children also become victims of this disease due to mother. Read- 8 myths associated with epilepsy

Epilepsy treatment - how to cure epilepsy
Epilepsy treatment - how to cure epilepsy

Epilepsy is not a disease which can't be treated, it is the same as normal people. His physical process is also normal. Epilepsy patients are eligible to get married and they also have the full capacity to give birth to the child, only they have to live under the doctor's direction.


The work of the brain depends on the accuracy of the neurons giving a signal. But when obstacles arise in this work then the problem starts working in the brain. Due to this epilepsy, when the attack occurs, its body gets strident, becomes unconscious, for some time the special part of the body becomes inactive. It is difficult to tell about the exact cause of its disease. Some factors may have an effect on the brain, such as-

• Due to any type of injury on the head

• If there is no full oxygen movement in the brain at birth.

• Brain tumors

• Brain fever affects men on brain due to meningitis and encephalitis infections.

• Damages to blood vessels when brain stroke occurs.

• Neurological Diseases like Alzheimer's Disease.

• Genetic condition.

• Due to excessive use of drug addiction and antidepressant, there may be an impact on the brain.


However, there is a lot of physical symptoms when there is an epileptic asthma attack. Patients may have different symptoms when epilepsy attacks. But some common symptoms appear on epileptic seizures, they are-

• Stretches in the hand, legs and face muscles suddenly occur.

• Continuous movement takes place in the head and eyes of the pupils.

• The patient is either completely unconscious or partially crippled.

• Stomach disturbances

• Tongue tendency to bite and incontinence

• After epilepsy, the patient is confused, feels cumbersome and tired from sleeping.

According to Dr. Shrivastav, the diagnosis of epilepsy can be determined only by looking at the medical history of the patient. People or family members of the patient's home can make a proper statement about the change in condition and physical process only during the patient's visit. Doctors test the patient's pulse rate and blood pressure, as well as neurological sign. Apart from this, the doctor is diagnosed with this disease by E.E.G. (EEG), CT scan or M.I.R. or MR (positron emission tomography (PET) scan) .


The only treatment for epilepsy can be treatment, it is to control Caesar at the time of the visit. For this, there is an anti-epileptic drug (AED) therapy and surgery. According to Dr. Srivastava, those people who do not work on these drugs are advised to undergo surgery.

Catering - According to research, patients with epilepsy should take high fat and low carbohydrate diets. This reduces the incidence of seizure.


The reason for the prevention of epilepsy was not known properly due to the fact that the prevention of prevention has not been detected properly. The possibility of having babies in the right place during pregnancy can be reduced. Having genetic screening, the mother finds out that this happens in the child. Reducing the chances of a head injury can reduce the risk of the disease to some extent.
To reduce the chance of frequent epilepsy visits-

• Regularly prescribe the medicines given by the doctor:

• Adequate sleep and follow the habit of sleeping at the same time.

• Stay away from stress.

• balanced diet.

• Keep regular check-ups.