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9 Anxiety relief techniques | Anxiety relief techniques at work


Anxiety relief techniques | Anxiety relief techniques at work

9Anxiety relief techniques – everybody feels anxiety some time. Here are some most used techniques which can help you to managing stress at work. These relaxing activities make you feel claim in just 10 minutes.

What is anxiety?
Anxiety relief techniques at work
Anxiety relief techniques
First of all we have to understand what anxiety is. It is created by our situation when we think about the possibility of bad out come in future or something which we want in the future we feel anxious. So how can we deal with it? When you ask some people what they want, most of them will say money, wealth, position, respect, favorite bike, cars etc. And what happen when we get them? We feel happy satisfied and peace of mind. End of the day we want peace of mind and happiness. Which cannot be find in the outer world its inside our mind so we have to understand that anxiety created by our own thinking process how we react on things and daily routine situations.

9 Anxiety relief techniques

1.     Talk with friends and family.

Spend time with friends and family every weekend talk about your situation be social meet peoples listen them it will relax your mind
And help you to stop over thinking.

2.     Listen music.

Listening music helps you to relax your mind. Don’t listen loud or too intense music listen relaxing music like water sounds, rain sounds just close your eyes, relax your muscles don’t think anything.  it helps you to divert your mind and fresh you mood.

3.     Meditation.

Meditation has so many benefits it removes the stress and increase focus Meditation makes your negative thinking positive relaxes your mind and body, just close your eyes and take some deep breath. It will claim your body and relax your mind and boast energy.

4.     Exercise and yoga.

There are many benefits of yoga and exercise. If you do regularly exercise and yoga it will help you a lot. Exercise gives you full day energy and yoga increases your focus it boost the memory improve blood flow Improve Concentration, general body fitness, weight loss, and stress relief.

5.     Take rest between work

When you feel stressed stop what doing leave your task take a gap. If a park or garden nearby you walks there of 10 to 15 minutes nature is a great way to relax your mind. You are able to shift your attention. Then back to your work you will feel more focused and sharp in your work.

6.     15. Take a nap.

      If you feel stressed take a nap it reduce cortisol levels and aid in stress relief. Take a nap of 20 minute it boost your energy and a reduce stress.
You will feel refreshed and motivated.

7.     Watch funny video

Take your phone watch and watch some funny video laughter is a best technique to reduce stress.

8.     Be social

Turn your phone off instead of calling people go and meet them become a part of social gathering or social group.
Be in present.
Don't think too much we can't decide our feature and we can't change or see so be in present moment enjoy the live be thankful what you have now. 

9 Anxiety relief techniques | Anxiety relief techniques at work

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