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How to increase concentration and memory power- boost your memory power


How to increase memory power 

if you want to boost your memory power this article is relay helpful for you.

How to increase concentration and memory power- boost your memory power
how to increase memory power

How to increase concentration and memory power -Today we changed our lifestyle not just eating, living and thinking to. Today everybody lives a hectic life we do not eat well, sleep well this affect our mind and body very badly. How to increase memory power, we have too much work pressure, for doing all task properly we have to have a sharp mind. Today we discuss some important tips, by following these tips you will improve your mind concentration and memory power.

Tips to increase concentration and memory power.

1. Food for mind.

Eat healthy foods which are beneficial for mind like almonds, blueberry, walnuts, fish, amla (gooseberry), avocado, eggs.


Everybody knows the benefits of mediation. Meditation helps you to balance your thoughts, improver concentration and boost your memory power. Do meditation daily 30 to 45 mints it will increase your focus and relief form stress which can help you to do your work properly.

3.Focus on one thing at a time.

Today everybody in hurry we want to complete our work just in no time so we try lots of work at once which affects our performance. Doing many tasks at a time increase stress and decrease our focus so limit your task and do one thing at one time.

4.Sleep properly.

Sleep 7 to 8 hour daily. Sleep provides rest to our mind and repair brain neurons and store information deeper of all day. Sleep increase focus, concentration and full day energy to work more effectively.     

5.Exercise and yoga.

There are many benefits of yoga and exercise. If you do regularly exercise and yoga it will help you a lot. Exercise gives you full day energy and yoga increases your focus it boost the memory improve blood flow Improve Concentration, general body fitness, weight loss, and stress relief.

7.Brain exercise.

Brain exercise can magically change your mind thinking process do some brain activity like play puzzle games, read books, try to do new things which challenge your mind it will increase your productivity and gain your knowledge.    

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