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What cause jaundice - Jaundice symptoms

Jaundice symptoms - Jaundice is a viral Infectious disease which spreads due to Hepatitis B virus. When the amount of bilirubin increases in the blood with the infection of the virus and the colour of the body becomes yellow, it is called jaundice (Hepatitis B). In this disease, Bilirubin's blood is influenced by the flow of the liver and liver from the inside, due to which the bilirubin cannot get out of the body properly and deposits under the blood and the skin. There are some such homeopathic Ayurvedic remedies which you can get; you can get rid of such a serious disease like jaundice. These measures do not even have any side effect.

Cause of Jaundice

Our body creates and destroys millions of cell in this process an element of bilirubin generates in our body. Which is yellow in color and it is very dangerous for our body. Our liver flows out the dead cells from our body when liver not working properly this bilirubin increase in our body and our blood color become yellow which cause jaundice. There are some other causes of jaundice like By using dirty water, By drinking too much alcohol, Spicy, dried, with more intake of food.  

Jaundice symptoms
Jaundice symptoms

Main Jaundice Symptoms

Fever, weakness, and fatigue
Skin becomes yellow
Yellow or red colour of urine
Loss of appetite
Nausea and vomiting
Dizziness and swelling in the stomach
Weight loss, stomach ache
Pain below the right ribs
The white part of the eye becomes yellow.

What tests might be finished when Jaundice Symptoms visible?

If find the above symptoms you should see your doctor. As explained above, there are different causes. Some are more typical than others and some are more dangerous than others. It is necessary to correct diagnosis, as the treatment and diagnose can very carefully, depending on the cause. However, in some cases it can easily diagnose with some tests on other it is necessary to do some deep examine. Your specialist is probably going to make different inquiries on the off chance that you end up The doctor is diagnosed with the physical examination of the patient that he may have jaundice. It is characterized by the color of eyes and skin, especially. After this, test the bilirubin test, full blood count (FBC) or complete blood count (CBC) and hepatitis A, B and C on doctor's advice.

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