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Home remedies for diabetes -10 foods to control diabetes

Home remedies for diabetes -10 foods to control diabetes.
Home remedies for diabetes - During unhealthy lifestyle, stress, obesity and no exercise there is a lot of disease growing fast. One of them is diabetes. Currently 5% of total population in India suffers from diabetes. Diabetes occurs if we eat lots of sugar in our meal, if we eat too heavy diet or junk foods. Diabetes can occurs by genetics reason also.if someone in family diabetes you'll conjointly diabetes. If you are a diabetes patient change your life style and try these home remedies along with medicine for batter result.
10 things to eat to control sugar level and boost insulin.

Home remedies for diabetes -10 foods to control diabetes


Cinnamon is very beneficial to control sugar level in body. It 
control bad cloistral in our body and improve immune system. It is beneficial for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Take 5 to 10 gram cinnamon powder with one glass of worm water in the morning or in the night it will control your diabetes.

Gooseberry and turmeric.

Gooseberry is a supper food when you take gooseberry with turmeric than it is more beneficial in diabetes. Gooseberry has a mineral chromium which to boost metabolism and helps to make insulin naturally in our body. Take 20-30 ML gooseberry juice and one pinch of turmeric powder mix it well and drink in the morning it will decrease your sugar level.

Periwinkle or vinca flower.

Periwinkle flower are easily available it has magical property for diabetes. It is also beneficial in hypertension and cancer also. Using it daily is good for skin too. For use in diabetes take 5-6 periwinkle flower and 2-3 leaves and make juice with cucumber and tomato drink it in the morning or after one hour of lunch. Avoid cucumber and tomato seeds

Curry leaves.

Curry leaves has medicine property. Using it can cure many dangerous diseases. It has some minerals which helps to decrease sugar level in the body. It is beneficial in lungs cancer and Reproductive system of women. Take 8-10 curry leaves and make a fine paste. add it in one glass of water and boil it till remain half, filtered this and drink it 3 times in a week.

Aloe vera juice.

Aloe vera is very beneficial for skin, hair and body. According to study aloe vera is beneficial in hypertension, asthma, glaucoma, stomach and diabetes. It should be used empty stomach. Take 20-30 ml aloe vera juice with one glass of worm water.

Mango leaves.

Mango leaves increase sugar adsorption power of our intestine and helps to decrase suger level in our body. Take 5-6 mango leaves make a paste and leave over night in the morning filtered it and drink. It increase insulin and decrease sugar level.

Rose mallow leaves.

According to research rose mallow leaves has a mineral phytochemical and fluoric acid  which helps to decrease sugar level in our blood. Take 5-6 rose mallow leaves make a fine paste add it in one glass of water and leave it over night and drink in the morning.


It has powerful antioxidant which helps to boost our immune system. And it has vitamin A and C which is beneficial for diabetes and for skin. Add blackberry in your diet and you can use its seeds also. It is very beneficial in diabetes.

Nigella seeds.

Nigella seeds has many type of amino acid. It is very beneficial both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Add nigella seeds in your daily diet. Make a fine powder and use it like tea.

Fox nut.

Fox nut contains fiber which helps our body to digest extra sugar form body. It is very beneficial for our digestive system. Add fox nut in to your daily diet.

Home remedies for diabetes -10 foods to control diabetes.

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