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How to detoxify our body naturally – 10 tips to detoxify body


How to detoxify our body naturally – 10 tips to detoxify body

If you searching for how to detoxify full body then this article is very beneficial for you.  In this article I some best tips to remove toxin form body.

How to detoxify our body - Today we live in environment which is full of toxic elements. These toxins affects our body very badly that’s why we surrounded by many diseases like cold cough, weight gain, diarrhea, constipation, jaundice, pimple, rashes, acne and other skin disease. These toxins enter our body by food, taking breath and other causes. To make the body healthy we have to get these toxins out of our body

When we take food and breathe, these toxins reach our body. And make us sick. Plastics items synthetic materials leave many types of chemicals; smoke generated from vehicles, wall paint, and also the toxic gas comes out from the garbage. It pollutes the atmosphere in which we get sick. If we take some precautions, then we can stay healthy.

10 Tips to detoxify body

How to detoxify our body naturally – 10 tips to detoxify body


Water cleans our body from the outside, in the same way it cleans from inside. In the morning, you must drink 4 glass of water if you can’t drink 4 glasses of water starts with 1 glass water and then increase the amount.  Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. The toxin exits from our body by sweating, urinating, and stool. Don’t drink water in between of meal and immediately after eating.

Green tea

Green tea is very beneficial take green tea at least one time in a day. It detoxifies our body and also helpful to reduce weight and boost our immune system.


Eat fiber contained foods like bread and oats, barley and rye fruits like pears, berries, oranges and melon vegetables like carrots, peas, beans, potatoes with skin. Fibre cleans our intestine boost metabolism and helps to prevent constipation.

Coconut water

Coconut is a supper food it is a good source of nutrients and it has antioxidant properties. It very beneficial in many diseases like kidney stone, diabetes, high blood pressure and it also hydrate our body. Drinking coconut water detoxifies our body. Drink coconut water at least 3 times in a week.

Food color

Don’t use synthetic color in foods. Avoid outside foods, in the market shopkeeper use synthetic color in foods which looks good but these foods are not healthy for our body. Use turmeric, saffron, ratanjot (Alkanna tinctoria) and sugar beets for food color.

Plastic utensils

Do not use plastic ware utensils. On heating of the plastic, the poisonous substance emerges from it, which gives rise to dangerous diseases like cancer. If you bring anything from the market in a plastic container, then immediately transfer it in a glass vessel. If you use plastic water bottle it should be 

Aluminum utensils

Do not use aluminum utensils when it contact with salt, aluminum dissolve in food which is harmful to the body.


Meditation has so many benefits it removes the stress and increase focus Meditation makes your negative thinking positive relaxes your mind and body, just close your eyes and take some deep breath. When we do breathing exercise than more oxygen reaches our lungs and cleanses the blood


Do regularly exercise and it will help you a lot. Exercise gives you full day energy, improve blood flow Improve, general body fitness, weight loss, and other benefits. When we exercise toxic element come out from our body through sweating. Morning walk is very beneficial for our body and mind too.

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