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How to lose weight – weight lose tips


How to lose weight – weight lose tips

If you want easy tips to lose weight you are on the right page. I give you very easy tips to maintain a healthy weight.

How to lose weight - Most of us eat outside food which is too unhealthy for over body. It not that there is no option available it’s our choice this is the main reason for we gain unhealthy weight. Gaining weight is not a bad thing but unhealthy weight is defiantly bad for our health.  Don’t eat outside meal when you go outside for work prepare your healthy meal at home and carry it with yourself.
Here are some easy tips by following these tips you can easily control your weight.

How to lose weight – weight lose tips

Eat in every 2 hour.

Eat in every 2 hour Devoid your 3 big meals in to 6 small meals. Eat some healthy things in between your three big meals. If you think by eating 6 meals you gain weight but when you eat healthy meal in between your 3 large meals it will control your feeling on hunger and helps you to avoid eating junk foods. It will control your calories intake and your weight will decrease.
Add Curd or lassi in your diet it is easily available it is increase food taste and increase digestion.

Add protein rich foods

in your diet like beans, pulse, eggs. Egg is a great source of protein eats 2 eggs daily but only boiled eggs not omelet.
Eat salad daily by adding boiled channa, kidney beans, and sprouts you can make a tasty and healthy salad it is very beneficial for health and weight lose.
If you working in office don’t eat fried chips take some healthy snacks on your desk there are lots of option for healthy snacks available in market like oats biscuits, sugar free biscuits, roasted chickpeas etc.

Green tea

is very beneficial take green tea at least one time in a day. Just take a cup of hot water and refuse tea beg for 4 to 5 min and your green tea is ready to drink. You can add honey and lemon on to increase taste.

Add seed in your meal

there are many kind of readymade seeds available in market like sabja seeds, basil seeds, musk melon seed etc. eat one spoon of seeds daily in your meal.

Coconut water 

is so beneficial for health drink at least three times in weak it will help to lose weight. And skin will glow.
Add fruits in your diet eat seasonal fruit which can easily available like apple, papaya, blueberry etc.

Drink at least 8-10 glass of water daily

water hydrates your body and helps in digestive system. If you want to lose weight fast drink worm water otherwise drink normal water.

Smoking and alcohol

is injurious to health avoid smoking and drinking for fast lose weight.
Do daily some exercise.


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