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how to reduce fear - how to overcome nervousness


how to reduce fear - how to overcome nervousness

how to overcome nervousness - Nervousness is a common expression that influences every one of us when something debilitates our framework. At whatever point when we try to do something new, we feel nervousness which is common, like when we first time go for an interview when we meet an unknown person when a teacher teaches students the first time when an employee is going to give a presentation in a seminar we got nervous. When we feel nervousness then we are not able to take a right decision. We got nervous because we think what people will think about us.
Question is how to overcome nervousness? So today in this article we will share some advice and tips that will help you with how to overcome nervousness.

how to overcome nervousness
how to overcome nervousness

tips- how to overcome nervousness

Positive thinking

Think positive look positive side of the situation think what you will get by doing this like what happens if you give this interview you will get this job, scoured future, more money, social respect etc. it will give you courage and strength to do your work easily whatever it is. On the other side if not get selected in this interview what will happen nothing you just lose one chance but not last chance you can try another job life is full of chances be prepare for next one. According to my point of view if I think there are millions of blogger on the internet so how can I be successful in blogger my English is also weak but if I did not try to write a blog I lost the chance right then. So I decided to write and think if only 10 people read my article, in the beginning, it will more than enough for me. So think positive.

Don’t pay attention to nervousness

Nervousness is a very normal feeling everybody feels nervousness when they try doing something new. There is two type of people in this world one who overcome nervousness and take action and another who stuck in nervousness and don’t take any action. When to get nervous take action do your work pay attention to work and then you will find nervousness gone so don’t pay attention to nervousness.

Don’t think about anybody who is nobody

Many of us failed to overcome nervousness because we think what people think about us if we failed. Avoid this kind of thinking, in this busy world there, is nobody who has time to thinks about others and if somebody has this much time to do so this means he or she is nobody who has no aim in his life.  So don’t give too much importance to others

how to overcome nervousness


Today everybody knows the benefit of meditation. To make our body healthy we do exercise eats healthy foods but what we can do for a healthy mind.  Mediation improves our thinking process remove negative thinking and gives us positive energy. Meditation improves concentration and focus and lots of other benefits. So do meditation at least 30 to 45 min daily.

how to overcome nervousness

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Please tell us how this article is and if you also have a remedy to overcome nervousness, and then share it so that everyone can get help, thanks


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