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Kidney stone remedies - kidney stone treatment


Kidney stone remedies - kidney stone treatment

If you want home remedies for kidney stone disease you are on the right place. In this article we provide very useful home remedies.

Kidney stone is very common disease. Heart, lungs and mind like other organs kidney is also a main organ of our body. The main work of Kidney is to filter our blood and excretion of wastes and toxins elements from body through urine, regulating the water fluid level and regulating PH. Coliseum, potassium, oxalate, uric acid and phosphate when these elements increase in our body kidney stone formed. During the filtering process these element interconnect and kidney stone formed. We don’t feel anything unless they block the flow of urine.

Kidney stone remedies - kidney stone treatment

What cause kidney stone?

  1. Less fluid intake
  2. Obesity
  3. Consuming too much coliseum
  4. Consuming fruit and vegetables with seeds
  5.  Drinking soda
  6. Family history

What are the symptoms?

  1. Nausea and vomiting
  2. Pain while urinating
  3. Pink, red, brown or foul smelling urine
  4. Difficulty in passing urine
  5. Blood in urine
  6. Pain in your upper abdomen or back
  7. Urinating more frequently than usual

Remedies for kidney stone

Corn hair, olive oil, lemon juice

First take corn hair and cut the black part of the hair now take 3-4 cup of water and add corn hair and boil it until it remain half. When it cools down mix 1 spoon of lemon juice and 2 spoon olive oil mix it well your drink is ready. Drink it twice a day. We used lemon juice and olive oil in it. Lemon juice contains citric acid which is helpful to dissolve kidney stone and olive oil reduces pain. Regular use of this drink gives you magical result.

Radish seeds

Radish seeds are very beneficial in piles, jaundice, and also useful for skin. Take 1 glass of water add 2 spoon radish seeds boil it till it remain half. Cool it than add 2 lemon juice in it. Use this drink 3 times a day. It will dissolve kidney stone 50% faster.

Kalanchoe pinnata (zakhme hayat)

Kalanchoe pinnata is very beneficial in kidney stone. Make sauce (chatni) or use the juice of the leaves use it regularly 7 days. It dissolves kidney stone very easily.

Horse gram

Horse gram is panacea in kidney stone and gallbladder to. It has vitamin A with the use of daily results, kidney stone exits through urinating. It can eat like other pulse.
This disease grows more slowly, so to prevent this, take a balanced diet and more drink more water. Avoid milk and product made of milk, spinach, soyabean , lady finger and seeds vegetables.  

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  1. Treatment is tailored according to the type of stone. Urine can be strained and stones collected for evaluation. For proper medication and kidney stone treatment you need to consult with an best urologist near your area.