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13 Ways to Make Home Remedies for Viral Colds

Viral Cold has a lot of easy home remedies which can be cured with cough, cough and cough. Various diseases start to change as the weather changes. Among them, cold disease is the most spreading disease. 

The main reason for this is that it also happens with the contact of each other. If you meet hands with someone and if he has a viral cold, then you will be also.

As most of the winter comes, sore throat and runny nose become normal.

13 Ways to Make Home Remedies for Viral Colds
Viral Colds

Sneezing come again and again

Sloth in the body

Nose excuse


Sore throat


These are all symptoms of flu cold, although fever does not happen from cold but if you have fever after cold, there are symptoms of flu and infections.

In the first week of winter, nose excuses, coughing, cough have common problems, but if it is not correct in the second week, then it takes the form of asthma. Cough, cold, if it is more than 2 weeks, then it is important to do a checkup with the doctor.

Home remedies of winter colds -

Winter does not feel like working on cold and fatigue remains in the body. There are times when pain in the head starts to occur, there are plenty of home remedies to avoid these, which we are going to tell you –

1. Drink tea with ginger - It feels great to drink tea in winter. If some leaves of ginger and some basil leaves are added to the tea, then its test increases significantly and it is also the best medicine to fight cold.

2. Ginger and Basil stripe - Remove ginger juice and squeeze some basil leaves in it. Now eat honey in this mixture and eat, it is very beneficial for cough.

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3. Do Anilom Vileom Pranayama - Anelom Vilom Pranayama is cleansed from the respiratory tract and the problem of cough is eliminated. People whose nose closes in the winter, they must do Anloam Vellom.Press the right nose with the thumb in the enlal enamel and breathe from the left nose, then close the left nose with the finger and leave the breath out with the right nose. Now take a sausage from the right nose and then leave it to the left.Repeat this work for 10 minutes

4. Keep scrubing with soap. - If we sneeze again and sneeze again and again we nose with the napkin, so many viruses come in our hands and now when we eat food or get somebody's hands, then this disease can be done to others. It may also occur and eating dirty food can also lead to food poisoning, so wash hands with regular soap and keep in cleanliness.

5. Heat hot salty hot water - Heat a little bit of water and add plain salt to it and make garlic with this water, this prevents the problem of cough and even cold falls in 1-2 days. Very easy and cheap home remedy.

6. Drink lemonade - Drink lemon juice mixed in water and drinks plenty of vitamin C deficiency, if you add little honey in lemon water, it is more effective.

7. Drink the tea of black pepper - 2 -3 black peppers, grind them into the tea, drinking this mixture benefits the winter.

8. Eat ginger - Take ginger and cut it into small pieces and chew it by adding salt to it. There will be some difficulty in chewing but this is a very beneficial recipe.

9. Carrot juice drinks - Carrot juice works very well in the winter cold. It helps the body to fight with phlegm and is also good for health.

10. Drink plenty of water - due to the nasal flux in the cold, the body may have dehydration problems, so drink plenty of water.

11. Drink turmeric milk - Put some turmeric in hot milk, drink hot turmeric milk, any child or adult can drink, it is very beneficial.

12. Fine Rest - In the cold winter, the body gets tired, so rest for a full rest and take full sleep. The more you relax in the cold, the better it will be.

13. Carrom Seeds - take 10 grams of carrom seeds to make a potli put it on hot tawa when it becomes hot smell it for 15 min you will get relief.

Friends, hope that you may have liked our winter wines' prescriptions; all of these measures are cheap and are good ones, which you can use to stay at your home and keep yourself away from cold in the winter season. 

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How do you take these home remedies? Please make sure to comment and if you have any questions, then you can ask us by commenting.


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