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How computer makes you sick- Problems with Computer Laptop


Problems with Computer Laptop: 

There was a time when computers were just a matter of research for scientists, but today Computer Laptop is becoming a necessity of every office and every household. Whether there is knowledge or entertainment or money making money from the internet, laptop computer has given a detailed view of the human being. The Internet has created a revolution among people of every section and we are becoming more dependent on it day by day, but where there is a foundation of our progress, there are some problems coming from it. So in today's article I will tell you some tips and exercises from the computer laptop. So first you have to know that what precaution you have to follow.

 Problems with Computer Laptop
 Problems with Computer Laptop

What problems you will face from excessive use  with Computer Laptop:

  • Working hard on a laptop or computer for the longest time causes the most difficult eyes. Because the light coming out of the laptop directly affects the eyes. Due to which the problem of pain, tears, blurring and headache in the eyes becomes common.
  • By working on a computer for a long time, black pits begin to fall under the eyes.

  • Sometimes the number of glasses increases, it is a headache.

  • Feeling excessive and leaning leads to lower back pain.

  • Pain in the neck and tingling in the hands starts to grow.

  • There are fingers and wrist pain (carpus tunnel syndrome).

  • Swelling falls on sitting feet.

  • Lack of physical ability, laziness to dominate

  • Weight gain

  • Acidy, gas, indigestion, Piles etc.

It is a addiction that is becoming addiction. These problems are being seen in people of all walks of life. If we are not conscious and conscious at the right time, then these small diseases cause great discomfort.

Problems and prevention from Computer Laptop

  • There are some such measures that can prevent us from small problems.

  • First of all, keep your poster clean, put foot rest on where you are working.

  • The back should be the right support, put a small pillow behind the waist.

  • To avoid the eyes and headache on the computer, take the screen.

  • After working for 1 or 2 hours, take a break. Close the eyes for a few seconds in between and spray them with cold water.

  • Straighten the hand with elbow in between and give it the right support.

  • Do some light exercises

  • Neck up, down, right, left, rotate

  • Both shoulders up - down.

  • Round your shoulders, from both directions

  • Stand straight and kneel without knees bowing forward forward 6 times.

  • Lengthen both feet and turn the claws up - down and round from both directions.

  • Turn knees and straighten them.

  • Move both sides back and forth by opening.

  • If you get the chance, lie downside down for 5 minutes.

If you have cervical pain, then once you've got a physiotherapist to make your own exercise plan, it will be of great benefit. Computer is completely sitting work, so do not eat more junk food, do not eat excessive food, do not increase weight.

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