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Tuberculosis symptoms - TB treatment World Tuberculosis Day


What is Tuberculosis symptoms

Tuberculosis is the second most dangerous disease in the world. Tuberculosis symptoms transmitted from one person to another by air. Tuberculosis bacteria are spread in the air by those individuals who already have TB bacteria in their body. When a person infected with TB cough, spit or sneeze he spread germs into the air. If someone breathes in the air he gets TB bacteria and may get infected with TB.  It is caused by a slow-moving bacteria that grows in the body parts that contain blood and oxygen.

Tuberculosis symptoms
Tuberculosis symptoms

TB can be at any age. 1 out of every 3 peoples in the world is suffering from TB 3 lakh people die every year from TB. Every year lakhs of people are going to become victims of Tuberculosis disease, but the number of patients is increasing every year.

In any part of TB, the bacteria completely destroys the tissue of the body, and this affects the work of that organ. For example, there is Tuberculosis in the lungs and then loses the lungs gradually, if it is in the urus, then the cause of infertility, if the brain is in the patient then the patients may have seizures, If it is in the liver then it can fill water in the stomach etc.

World Tuberculosis Day has been declared on March 24 throughout the world and its aim is to make people aware of this disease and take steps to prevent TB. World TB Day is supported by institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

Tuberculosis symptoms
Tuberculosis symptoms

Tuberculosis symptoms

Coughing more than 2 weeks

Mucus with cough

Mild swelling with occasional mucus

Loss of appetite

Frequent weight loss

Fever in the evening or at night

Sweating in winter

Chest pains while breathing

Those who do not eat well, chances of Tuberculosis are more because their body can not bear bacterial war with weak immunity. When more people live in crowdies space then infection is spread rapidly. Tuberculosis is also spread fastly in dark places because TB bacteria are more active in the dark. It can happen to anyone because it is transmitted from one to another. Smoking is the biggest reason for Tuberculosis. Steroids and HIV patients are also more chances of TB.

Tuberculosis diagnosis

The immune system is examined to know the reaction of TB bacteria. For this, doctors usually do Tuberculin Skin Test. This test is done for people who have been infected with an active infection or have a TB infection or the possibility of being infected with TB's infection.
Tuberculosis symptoms
Tuberculosis symptoms

For the skin test, the injection is given to the person's arm. The doctor examines it after 2 or 3 days. If it’s hard and swollen where the injection is given then this test is positive. This means that your body is infected with TB bacteria. But if the swelling does not appear then it means that TB is inactive.

Chest X-ray is also done for Tuberculosis. This shows that it is active TB or not. In addition, doctors also recommend checking cough.

How to Rescue from Tuberculosis?

Keep your immunity good. Take nutrition diet especially rich in protein diet (soybean, pulses, fish, egg, cheese etc.). There are chances of TB bacteria being active from weak immunity. Actually, TB bacteria are often in the body but it does not become effective from good immunity. Avoid going to crowded places. Do not stay in low light and dirty places and avoid going there. Stay away from the TB patient. Keep at least one-meter distance. 
The patient should be in the airy and well-cleaned room. Let the air in the room come so that the bacteria can get out. Avoid patient split anywhere because then the bacteria will spread inside and others will get sick. The patient should wear a mask. If there is not wearing the mask then mouth should be covered with the napkin every time before sneezing. Put this napkin in the dustbin covered. The patient should spit in a plastic bag and put it in a dustbin. Avoid patient from going to crowded places like the office, school, mall. Also, avoid using public transport.

Food for tuberculosis 

Due to long-term medicine, it is important to take a proper nutritious diet. Dietary importance of TB can be understood by the fact that the main cause of death in this disease is because of not to get the proper nutritious diet. To deal with TB Immune system should be strong and it can be done only with the right nutritious food. By increasing the immunity can helps in overcoming the disease completely. TB patients should take care of their diets. If the body does not get proper nutrition in this disease, then it takes a lot of time for the disease to be completely cured and secondly, there is also a risk of the disease come back again.


It is very important to take protein in diet during TB. So add protein-rich foods to your diet. Eat fish, cheese, pulses, boiled eggs, soya and meat for protein. Eat boiled eggs it is a good source of protein.

Green leafy vegetables

The TB patient should include the spinach in its diet and green leafy vegetables like this in their diet. This gives the body good amounts of Iron and Vitamin B. Along with those vegetables like beans, peas, and other fruits are also very beneficial.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Increase the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids which is found in fish and its oil, linseed and its oil, mustard oil, all nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, peanuts etc.
TB patient's diet plan

The patient's diet should be light, easily digested and more nutritious in tuberculosis.

TB patient eat onion, bitter gourd, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, peas, spinach, gourd, spinach in the vegetable.

Eat grapefruit, sweet orange, amla, pomegranate, sweet mango, banana, apple, lemon and coconut in the fruit.

Eat honey, peanuts, walnuts, dates, carrots in weakness.

What should not eat in TB

TB patent should not eat such foods which are hard to digest, because such food can lead to acidification and can further increase the disruption of the respiratory system.

Tobacco intake (beedi, cigarette, hookah, gutka etc) will be harmful.

Drinking alcohol will cause worse. Due to drinking alcohol, some drugs used for the treatment of TB increase the risk of liver damage. Remember alcohol consumption will be fatal if you drink alcohol during TB treatment.

Avoid the consumption of tea, coffee and other substances containing caffeine.

Avoid consumption of refined products. These include sugar, pasta, white bread, pizzas, burgers, Maggi and white rice especially.

Avoid foods with high fat, high cholesterol like red meat.

Do not eat too much spicy and fried food.

Do not eat stale food and greens.

Avoid consumption of pickle, sour, oil and ghee. Take only in limited quantity.

Misconceptions about Tuberculosis

1. TB is not cured or it comes backs again this is a misconception. TB treatment is completely possible. People who do not get well, when they give up treatment in the middle. In such peoples, this disease comes back. People also believe that if there is a TB of the knee, even after the knee replacement, TB becomes again. This is also wrong. Tuberculosis chaunts are not usually repeated in the knee after replacing the knee.

2. It is only in the poor, this disease can happen to anyone. It can be spared from one to the other, so anyone else can ever be. The reason for being in the poor is that their immunity is weak. In such a situation, they are quickly vulnerable to bacteria.

3. Pregnant women should not take medicines. A complete course for TB treatment is essential. The mother's medicine is continued even during pregnancy. These drugs have no side effects on the child.

4. Government medicines are not very effective Government medicines and dots programs are as effective as the treatment of private hospitals. There is no difference in medicines. The inverted advantage is that they get free in government hospitals. Yes, medicines should be eaten whole. Chances are up to 95 percent of the first level TB cure. But if the medicines not taken then the TB goes to the second level, then the chances of recovery are reduced to 60 percent.

5. TB is only for lung, TB can occur in any part of the body. However, more cases are from TB of lungs.

Tuberculosis medicine DOTS 

DOTS 'Directly observed treatment short course' is a campaign to treat TB. - Includes TB free check-up to free treatment. In this campaign, health workers give the patient their medication so that patients do not forget to take medication. - Health workers also counsel the patient and his family. In addition, they look after the patient even after treatment. - There is a successful treatment of 95 percent. - There are 7 dots centers and 18 dots less microscopic centers in Delhi NCR.

Tuberculosis symptoms
Tuberculosis symptoms

There is also a provision of punishment for spreading TB on negligence. According to Section 269 and 270 of the IPC, there can be punishment for up to 6 months for not properly treating TB and spreading it to others. 

What should the Tuberculosis patient do?

If there is cough more than 3 weeks then show the doctor. Do the entire course of medicine, that too regularly. Keep the napkin on your mouth and nose, Eat nutritious food, Avoid smoking cigarettes, hookahs, tobacco, alcohol etc.

what not to do in Tuberculosis?

Do not spit in the open.

Do not just trust the x-ray.

Do not stop the medicine without asking the doctor.

Do not leave medicine in the middle of course.

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