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Steroid cream side effects on face - steroid cream


Steroid cream side effects on face
Steroid cream side effects on face

Poor quality creams are bringing in allergic and skin diseases in addition to damaging their skin. Bad quality cream contains heavy metal such as bleach, harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone, steroids and mercury. These heavy metals damage the skin due to prolonged use and make it cloudy.

These creams increases skin cancer risk also. Allergy, infection and other skin problems are common. Bleaching elements are used in this type of cream. Hydroquinone is a toxic and very fast chemical, which is also used in photo processing, rubber formation and hair dye.

Both of these elements initially interfere with the process of becoming melanin and give the skin light color. The brown pigments do not appear due to not being melanin. Bleaching agents present in the whitening cream remove the upper layer of the skin, resulting in a new layer of low melanin pigment emerging.

Typically, the skin changes its color in 25 to 28 days, but the new layer comes up soon after exposure to the bleaching agent. The long-term use of them makes the skin sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Melanin pigments protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

You may be happy to think that the manufacture of wholesome cream and other bleach are making you fair. The skin looks soft and wrinkles free. But keep in mind that their end result can be harmful. This thing is not limited to the skin's skin color, spots and scars on the skin. Some chemicals used in them may also be harmful for kidney, lungs and heart.

There is no doubt that steroids have good results in creams and other serious skin problems. Usually its side effects are also associated with its misuse. People often use them without medical advice. Some people immediately buy white products containing corticosteroid to get the over the counter themselves to get the brown color and remove facial scars. Some sharp steroid elements include clobetasol, betamethasone, halobetasol, etc. In light steroids, hydrocortisone, flutecases, desonide are included.

Steroid cream side effects on face

Slimming of skin: With excessive use the skin becomes accustomed to steroids. Keeping used for long period of time, the skin becomes thin, the stains are spotted and the wrinkles are filled with stretch marks.


Acne is believed to be used in the use of steroid cream, while it is not. Acne develops rapidly due to prolonged use.

Appearing blood cells

With excessive use of steroids on the skin, the skin becomes sensitive and thin, causing blood cells to appear. Disease resistance of the skin is also less, which increases the risk of skin infection.

Hair length

The use of steroids for long periods of hair increases rapidly. 

According to Doctors do not use steroid cream without the doctor's advice. These creams are readily available at drug stores. Second, the steroid cream gives favorable results only when applied in a certain amount. It should be used for as long as it is told. If the doctor has written once, then do not use it even further than himself.

They say that it is important to understand that using chemicals can make your skin just polished. The skin needs to be healthy internally for real beauty and glow. This is possible only when you consume all the nutrients you need for the skin.

What to do

1. Use daily moisturizer. Wash hands and feet before sleeping in the night and apply Moisturizer.

2. Wash the skin with clean water at least three times a day.

3. Use sunscreen lotion to prevent sun's ultraviolet rays. Irritation and tanning will not occur. Use clothes and umbrellas when coming out in a strong sunshine.

4. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday.

5. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Among these, antioxidants are abundant. Eat more of Vitamin A ingredients.

6. Increase the intake of vitamin C in the food. Vitamin C reduces the damage caused by the sun's rays by producing collagen and elastin in the skin and the skin becomes healthy and bright.

7. Accept the color of your skin effortlessly.

8. Avoid regular bleach. Excess of ammonia and hydrochloric acid harm the skin.


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