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The Best Way Of Eno Uses


What are Eno uses

Eno is really a good product and it removes gastric problems from stomach instantly. Eno is one of the best products in the antacid category as it is used to treat acidity, gastric discomfort, and heartburn. But it should be used in limited quantity. Eno neutralizes excess stomach acid. Using too much Eno is not good.

Eno Uses
Eno Uses

Eno uses in gas and acidity 

First, add half a tablespoon of Eno into a full glass of water and drink it immediately; soon you will get relief from acidity. When Eno gets mixed with water the bubbles of co2 gets produced which relieves gases. The soda neutralizes the acids in the stomach, it calms your stomach acids. Eno reduces the acidity and the burning sensation.

Eno Uses in Cooking 

Eno can be used for cocking. It can be handy in preparing lots of dishes. For all that fluffiness and softness, Eno is used in various food preparations like pancakes, rice flour, dhoklas, khaman, idli, dosa tortillas, wheat flour tortillas etc. 

Precautions and warnings of Eno uses

Avoid Eno Fruit Salt if you are allergic to Eno or suffer from an allergic reaction in the past. According to doctors regular intake of Eno in acidity can be harmful. Eno uses during pregnancy and lactation is not known, consult a doctor for proper guidance before using. Eno can be used only with water don’t mix Eno in other liquids.

Question about Eno uses

1. What Causes Heartburn
Heartburn occurs when the stomach’s natural acids flow up into the esophagus, causing discomfort or pain in the chest

The Esophagus Doesn’t Have The Same Protective Coating As The Stomach So When Stomach Acid Flows Upwards Into The Esophagus, It May Irritate The Sensitive Tissues, Causing The Pain Known As Heartburn.

ENO antacid provides quick relief from heartburn by acting directly on the esophagus where the pain starts.

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