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Top 10 Health Tips How To Live Healthy Life


Top 10 Health Tips

Almost all of us have come across this adage sometimes or the other – Health is Wealth. This is so true a statement but we realize the worth of it only when we fade and break down.

Health Tips
Health Tips

Eat Healthy

However, if you want to prevent your health from reaching that state of break down, you need to follow some of the most important health tips to live a healthy life. Various tips have been suggested by experts and consultants in the medical fields to help you achieve a sound health. Below presented are the top 10 health tips for your healthy living.

Tip 1 -  Eat Healthy

The first and the foremost health tip to stay young and healthy is to eat rich and healthy food high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. A healthy diet is the most important thing you should eat at least 2 times a day with proper supplements and nourishment. Along with that, make sure to eat fresh fruits which are very necessary for the growth and development of the body. Include green vegetables in the meal.

Tip 2 -  Exercise Regularly

The second of the Top 10 health tips is to perform regular exercise daily. Include exercise in your daily schedule. It is not necessarily to spend hours in the gym doing workout. Some simple exercises like jogging, skipping, push-ups etc may also work to that effect. These simple exercises can be performed in an open environment near your house early in the morning or in the evening. Exercise helps you breathe in fresh air and improves the blood circulation of your body.

Tip 3 – Sleep Well

One of the health tips is to take adequate amount of sound sleep every day. According to studies people who do not take proper rest and sleep tend to show signs of weakness and laziness while performing their chores. Some of the simple ways to ensure proper and fast sleep are as follows

Read a book before you sleep. Reading acts as a soothing balm and provides a favorable sensation which helps you to sleep.
Use a reading light instead of an overhead light because the latter stimulates the brain to wake up.

In certain cases, you can also wear an eye mask to keep way from the light and improve the quality of your sleep.

Tip 4 – Avoid sitting all day

According to research it has shown that peoples who spend all day in sitting increases their chances of lots of disease. To live a healthy living, make sure that you walk enough daily and walk the stairs as far as possible. Avoid taking use of the lift and walk to your work if possible. It is better to sleep and take rest in between than just not doing anything and sitting idle. Doctors have recommended walking at least one KM a day to ensure optimal health.

Tip 5 – Have Regular Check-up

This is another important part of top 10 health tips which is very essential for achieving a sound health. You should make it a part of your routine to visit your family doctor after every 2-3 weeks. This regular medical check-up is essential for you to avoid any health issues and concerns.  Doctors are the best judge of your state of health; hence they can provide you with the best of advice and recommendation towards achieving a healthy mind and body.

Tip 6 – Perform Meditation

Meditation is an art which forms a vital step towards top 10 health tips. While performing this, close off the light in your room and shut the door. Make an environment to perform this exercise. It requires complete peace and concentration on your part. This is extremely essential for the stressful mind and body. It helps you get rid of your tensions and worries and make you feel relaxed and vibrant. Performing it for 15 minutes 2- 3 times a day can give useful results.

Tip 7 – Participate in Games and Sports

Taking active participation in games is another useful health tips for live healthy. Games and sports give you an opportunity to relax and feel refreshed. Playing outdoor games allows you to breathe in fresh air and ensure proper functioning of your nervous system. Games are types of regular exercise and provide all the benefits that regular exercise does. Right from keeping you active and cheerful all the time to building your healthy personality, everything can be achieved by playing games regularly.

Tip 8 – Emotional Gestures

This is another essential one of the top 10 health tips that can provide you healthy body and mind. Always think positive and look at the brighter side of the coin. This helps in reducing the stress, worries and tensions from your life. Laugh out as much as possible during the day. Laughing energizes 50 of your facial muscles and makes them active. It adds glow to your face and make you look young and cheerful.

Tip 9 – Avoid Alcohol and Cigarette

This is true that alcohol and cigarette act like a silent killer for your life. Too much consumption of cigarette and alcohol disturbs the functioning of your heart, liver and kidneys and cause severe health issues in your life. Research has shown that cigarette and alcoholic drinks can reduce the life expectancy of an average individual drastically.

Tip 10 – Drink Plenty of Fresh Water

Another very important health tip is drink lot of fresh water daily water hydrates your body and helps in digestive system. If you want to lose weight fast drink worm water otherwise drink normal water. Drink at 10 glasses of water to achieve healthy and sound body.

Thus we have seen that above are the top 10 health tips following which you can expect to achieve a healthy and sound body. These health tips for 2011 are the most recommended ones and should be followed by everyone who wants to live healthily in hi

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