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safed musli benefits and side effects


Safed musli benefits

White muesli is a unique miracle herb that is used to cure many health problems. White muesli is considered a miracle in the world of Ayurveda.
safed musli benefits
safed musli benefits

It increases the power of fighting diseases. This is used more in men because it is primarily a herb that increases men's strength and stabilizes the internal force. It increases swmen and makes it thicker. Additionally it is effective to give strength to the muscles.

If you are too lean or underweight, you can treat your leanness by using white masli. For this, you must make Ashwagandha, White Mussali and Mulhithi with 50-50 grams and grind 100 grams of sugar in it. It takes every morning in the evening twice a day for 40 days, your body becomes strong and powerful.

It is very useful for the treatment of microorganisms and improves the number of sperms, amount of semen, time of sex and mobility. White muesli increases the level of testosterone (men's sex hormone) and also improves testicular function (semen production). For your information, let us know that regular intake of white muesli increases the number of sperm in semen. This gives you comfort in many types of sex problems. If you are trying to increase the number of sperms, then you must use it.

White muesli also have an effective treatment of diabetes. It enhances the production of insulin and keeps diabetes in control.
Antioxidants are in abundance in white muesli. It reduces glucose in the body and is very helpful in reducing diabetes.
If you are weak, slim or weaker than normal, then you should take half a spoonful of white muesli with milk twice a day. You can also eat safed muesli‘s capsule. This will also balance your blood sugar level.

For the treatment of nightlife: If the patient feels weakness, back pain and lack of strength or energy after emission in the night, then white muesli powder should be used with sugar for a few weeks. 
This measure helps to reduce the frequency of night emissions and to regenerate the body.

If the use of white muesli is consumed and consumed under the prescribed quantity (dose) under the medical supervisor, there is no 

side-effect of safed muesli.

In high concentrations the muscular reducing appetite.

It is a herb giving strength, so it can increase weight too.

According to Ayurvedic properties, it is late in digestion and 
enhances cough.





Difficulty breathing


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