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10 side effects of Turmeric - Facts ! I Bet You Never Knew


Side Effects of Turmeric 

There are lots of health benefits of turmeric, but even with its high intake, some side effects can also occur. Everybody knows too much of anything is bad for us.

side effects of Turmeric
side effects of Turmeric
Many women mix turmeric with face pack and apply it on the face and many people mix in milk and drink it. Perhaps you should know that turmeric is hot because of which you may have to face many troubles by taking it too much.

So not everyone should take it. Especially those people whose body remains warm or have problems with nose bleeding or Piles. It boosts bleeding. According to research, it is revealed that your skin may be rusty and itchy by consuming more turmeric. Normally 240 to 500 mg turmeric is also instructed to be used in three times. Let's know who should avoid turmeric milk or more turmeric intake.

10 side effects of Turmeric


If you are allergic to allergic reactions, stop using the turmeric. This can further increase your allergies.


If you consume the excess quantity of turmeric, you may have the stomach ulcer. Use limited turmeric to prevent stomach ulcers. The reason for irritation of the chest may also be more intake of turmeric.


You will not accept side effects of Turmeric the reason for low sperm but turmeric can reduce the level of testosterone hormone. Due to the lack of this hormone, there is a decrease in the activity of the sperm due to its deficiency. If you are planning your family, then try not to use turmeric.


Turmeric may increase iron absorption due to heavy consumption of turmeric. Those who already have the iron deficiency, they should consume turmeric very carefully. This can increase the problem of anemia.


Be careful that the turmeric is taken in small amounts in food, there is no problem during pregnancy. But consuming excessive intake or its medication at this time can be dangerous. It can stimulate the uterus so that the fetus can fall and increase menstrual period.

Acid and gas

A person who has gas and acidity should not use turmeric if anyone has acidity and gas or stomach ulcer. it increases the problem of acidity.


Hemorrhoids should avoid the problem of hemorrhoids and piles, ie hemorrhoids, so they should avoid turmeric. Because turmeric is hot, then these problems can increase.

Kidney stone

If you eat more turmeric on a daily basis, it can increase the chance of stone in kidneys. Turmeric contains high levels of soluble oxalate which can easily be combined with calcium and can make insoluble calcium oxalate. Insoluble calcium oxalate is caused by 75% of all kidney stone problems. People with a tendency to build kidney stones limit the intake of less than 40-50 mg of dietary oxalate daily, which means that turmeric should be eaten in moderate amounts.

During surgery

Turmeric does not let the blood clot grow, due to which the bloodstream increases. Avoid turmeric intake if you have any kind of surgery or are about to happen. It will give side effects of Turmeric

Breast cancer

Turmeric is helpful in fighting cancer cells, but in the second case it has also been shown that it also promotes breast cancer

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