Oral vitamin D spray as effective as tablets according to a new study

In an attempt to understand the efficacy of oral vitamin sprays, a research group from the University of Sheffield performed a clinical study on various subjects. The study, published later in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concludes that the spray method for taking vitamin D is as effective as the ingestion of a tablet.

During the experiments, the volunteers took vitamin D for six weeks. All achieved adequate levels of vitamin D after only three weeks of using the oral spray, even those patients who were most lacking, as specified by Bernard Corfe, professor of molecular gastroenterology and lead author of the study.

“There is now a greater awareness of the need for people to integrate their vitamin D level, but only about 40% of adults in the UK have sufficient levels. So this research is an opportunity to highlight the importance of this vitamin, which is essential in supporting general health and providing a valuable alternative source for those who may have difficulty or prefer not to take tablets,” says the researcher in the press release that presents research.

Taking vitamins through an oral spray can be very useful for those people who have problems with swallowing, problems that can arise even for medical conditions, and that cannot swallow various tablets. There are also children among those who may find problems taking tablets. This study shows that oral spray is just as effective for raising levels of vitamin D.

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